Nixon is adding to our collection of watches with a few timepieces that boast style and sophistication. Introducing our newest expression, the elegant and stylish Thalia.

Let’s dig into exactly what makes this new watch unique.

Why We Made This Specific Model: Thalia

Recently we invited a variety of creatives, free-thinkers, and independents into our new HQ to help us craft their perfect timepiece. The goal of these sessions was to learn which watch styles, between digital to analog, and what watch features women preferred.

Our three groups were made up of surf shop workers, teenagers, and young professionals. Amongst all three groups, there was one watch that kept generating interest.

That watch has been named Thalia, and the development of this popular watch became a priority. Today it is yours to enjoy.

What Makes Thalia Unique?

One of our favorite aspects of the Thalia are its subtle looks. From the case to the lugs and down to the straps, the Thalia is sleek and elegant.

This new watch also features a sunray finish on the dial which gives the watch a bold look. It’s an intriguing design feature that adds to the visual appeal of the watch in a way that’s hard to put your finger on.

A date window and number markings on the dial help make this watch stand out from other women’s watch models currently available here at Nixon.

The Nixon caseback saying of the Thalia is "WANDERLUST".

Woman playing guitar wearing Nixon Thalia Leather Watch

Who is Thalia For?

Thalia is a watch that builds bridges. What do we mean? Let us explain.

Casual and professional. Thalia is a watch that can be worn with jeans while relaxing on a Saturday afternoon or on a Tuesday when you have to present at work.

So, who is the Thalia for? Anyone who finds it appealing. You’ll feel confident no matter where or how you wear it. Don’t walk, strut a Thalia.

Graph showing the different parts of the Nixon Thalia Leather Watch